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Monday, September 14, 2015

Language Arts Block

Group time has been very challenging this year. We have two blocks of language arts differentiated by ability. The "lower" group is much more quiet during this time, seem to get along better with each other and handle "centers" after they are finished with their independent work well.

The "higher" group is noisier, interrupt me during guided reading often, argue with each other during "centers" . . . I can barely get through my guided reading groups.

Time for a new plan!

I researched and found that many teachers use a Daily 5 format . . . I was not familiar with the term but am very familiar with the format of it. I decided this was what my "higher" group needed, challenging, structured, quiet activities. Tried it out this week and it was much better!

Here's what the choices were (I have a Daily 6):

Read to Self: Library books or books from the chair pockets (that are leveled).
Read to a Friend: Same books as above. Friends take turns reading each page in their books.
Pocket Chart with Pointers: Build sentences and reading with pointers.
Word Work: Sight word coloring sheet & play-doh sight words.
Write the Room: Recording sheet on clip boards. Students search the room for "school words" that are posted to write down.    
Working on Writing: Making lists. Students use fun notepads to write on in the writing center.

I found some great resources! Here are the links:

Daily 5 Classroom Management System has pre-made and editable signs to post in the classroom. (free)

Write the Room Back to School is good for introducing Write the Room for the 1st time. ($1)

Sentence Building Set is great for the pocket chart. It comes with sight words as well as pictures by season. ($3.75)

Sight Word Coloring Sheet is what we used for Word Work to review the sight words we have learned in class. (free from us) 

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