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Theme Books the KLG Way

What is the KLG Way?

Teachers wonder why we have our students cut their own shapes out of squares and rectangles when creating theme book pages and projects instead of just using a pattern. 
Our goal is to engage students in age appropriate activities that support the development of fine motor skills while meeting the kindergarten standards.
All students receive the same materials and guided instruction through modeling but the result of each student’s artwork is unique. 

     Through each activity students:

·      Strengthen fine motor skills
·      Learn to follow multiple-step directions
·      Learn to problem solve
·      Discover spacial relationships
·      Learn to work independently
·      Learn colors & shapes
·      Learn to cut circles, ovals & triangles
from squares & rectangles

Here are some examples of theme books  and projects made 
the KLG way!

Who Comes Out At Night? Theme Book
I Can Rhyme With Dr. Seuss Theme Book
Abraham Lincoln project from Winter Theme Pack
A Farm Thank You Theme Book


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