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Monday, October 5, 2015

Mixing Colors to Create Kandinsky Concentric Circles

This week we combined the last two art lessons on primary colors and secondary colors to create our own art! First, we reviewed our lesson from last week on secondary colors using the same Primary and Secondary Notebook Lesson for Smart Board (free at TPT). 

Then, we watched this video about colors.

We introduced our art inspiration for the art project: Kandinsky's Squares with Concentric Circles

Large paper plate palettes
Tempera Paint (red, yellow, blue)
Paper towels
White construction paper squares folded into fourths 8" x 8"

1. Students start by painting a small circle in the center of a square. 
2. Students then mix colors to paint different colors and make their circle "grow".
3. When their circles are almost as big as the square, they start a new one and repeat (4 circles total)

1. Be sure to tell students not to "scrub" with their q-tips back and forth but rather paint in a circle.
2. Have plenty of q-tips for mixing colors, we went through A LOT!
3. Give each student a baby wipe for easy clean up of hands and tables.

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