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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Math and Art

We learned about shapes the first few weeks of school . . . how many sides and corners for various 2D shapes which is part of the Common Core Standards.

For our art integrated activity we looked at Paul Klee's painting Castle and Sun. 
We looked at the types of lines and different shapes he used to create his painting.

For our art project we did a tape resist.
Students were then given 3 strips of masking tape on the front of their shirts. They pressed down on the tape and peeled it off when they were ready to place it on their cardboard squares. Having the masking tape on their shirts first, made it less sticky and easier to peel off the cardboard later. Students placed the strips of tape across the board intersecting in different places to create shapes. They were given extra tape as needed.
The second step was to use tempera cakes to paint over the entire cardboard squares.
Once the paint dried, we (not the students to avoid tearing) very gently peeled off the tape and voila!