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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Silent E Videos, SmartBoard Activities & Freebies

Last week we were working on reading and writing words with a Silent "e".  We found two great videos on YouTube.  The first one is called Super "e"!!!!  by Harry Kindergarten and the second one is The Magic E Song by KidsTV123.  You can find both of these on our video playlist.  We also used our SmartBoard and worked on the Magic Silent e and CVC words notebook.  The students had so much fun changing words by adding a silent e, moving a magnifying glass over CVC words and seeing how they magically change.  The last activity we did on the SmartBoad was sort CVC and CVCe words.  

Students add a silent e to change the word

Just move the magnifying glass over the CVC word and a silent e appears
Sorting CVC and CVCe words
We wanted the students to do a follow up activity during independent group time and Mrs. Pollard has this great Silent e freebie.  It comes with a set of word cards, silent e's and a recording sheet.  We copied each of the cards, glued them on construction paper and then laminated them for durability.  Her cute Silent e's get taped or glued onto popsicle sticks.  Each of the cards comes labeled with a number so students have to find that number on their recording sheet write the CVC word and then write the new CVCe word.
Mrs. Pollard's Silent e Word Activity


  1. Just stumbled across your blog tonight! I love all your ideas. I will definately be back! Thanks for the Silent E ideas!

  2. We are so glad you stumbled upon our blog and can use the Silent E ideas. We hope to see you back soon!