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Monday, September 7, 2015

Number Art

This week for our integrated art lesson our inspiration was Robert Indiana. 
He is probably most well known for his LOVE sculpture and painting.

Our art focus was positive and negative space. The letters in red are the positive spaces and the blue and green background are negative.

We also showed the kids Robert Indiana's NUMBER sculptures and paintings focusing on the use of positive and negative space.

Who knew letters and numbers could become art?

The kids were told to do the following:
1. Write their names on the back of the 7" x 7" cardboard.
2. Choose 4 different colors of construction paper for the negative space.
3. Write 4 different numbers in the spaces as large as they can with a pencil.
4. Glue different materials to create the numbers: seeds, pom poms, beads, yarn, straws . . . anything we have available at the time. 
(we use tacky glue to make sure everything stays on).

Here are the results!

Stay tuned for our art lesson next week!

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