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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kindergarten Schedule for 3rd Week of School and Groups!

By the 3rd week of school we have completed a basic assessment of the kids (alphabet, letter-sounds, sight words, counting and number recognition) to place them into groups.
The 3rd week is all about getting the kids to remember their team colors and rotating from table to table during groups.

To help the kids remember their team colors we bought colored hair bands for them to wear on their wrists.

Here are the plans for week 3 of school!
You will notice that some of my plans are typed out, and the rest I will hand-write in.
Also, you will only see what's happening in my room during the language arts block. While I am teaching the language arts small group block Suzanne is teaching whole group math in her room. We do this for an hour and then switch and do it all over again! The two groups are differentiated. We do this Monday, Wednesday & Friday. On Thursday instead of guided reading, I teach writing instead.

Later in the day you will see "FLIP FLOP".
This is another differentiated block. I teach science and social studies. While in the other room Suzanne teaches shared reading and reading comprehension. We have each group for 1/2 hour and then switch.

I know complicated right? It took a lot of work to figure out, and there is no down time at all but it's great to be able to differentiate our lessons to meet the needs of our students.

Friday we had no school.

Coming soon a post on how I manage my language small group block!

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