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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Addition

Pumpkin Addition fun with stamps!
I just came up with something new . . . Pumpkin addition!  In our math program we have been orally telling number stories. We thought the students could use a little more practice so we came up with the following lesson to do in our small math groups.  

First, I will use orange unifix cubes to tell several number stories: I have 2 pumpkins and I get 1 more . . . how many do I have all together? 

Next, I will pass out unifix cubes to the students and they will answer several number stories using their own cubes. 

Lastly, the students will make their pumpkin addition books by stamping in their books using a pumpkin stamp to add pumpkins and complete the number story.  Students read the number story written below and trace the sum.  Our students love using ink pads and stamps so this should be a fun book for them to make and a good introduction to addition and number sentences.  Look in our Freebies Math for the blacklines for the Pumpkin Addition Book and Pumpkin Subtraction Book. Just run on copy paper, cut in half and staple together.

Click here to get your free download.

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