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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Class Website

We have been using the free Shutterfly website service for our class website.  It is a terrific way to communicate with your kindergarten families.  The possibilities are endless.  Once you have it all set-up then you don’t need to change anything from year to year except for the pictures of your students and your class address book.  Having a class website is a great resource for parents to obtain all of the information they need pertaining to your classroom.

Here are some of the reasons why we like it:

Easy to set-up and change.
Secure so that you can invite who you want to join your class website.   Only the parents in your class are able to view the pictures of your students.  This will make parents feel safe and then they can share them with relatives.

You can add your class address book and/or roster and parents always have access to it so they can set-up play-dates or coordinate class parties.
Parents can order and pay for pictures right from the website.  We have even had parents make kindergarten scrapbooks using the pictures we have posted.
You can add classroom videos and links to favorite sites.  Parents can log-in to your website and the students can play educational games using the links you have posted.  Here are a few of our favorites:  Starfall, ABC Ya!, Math Worksheet Wizard, Spelling City.
You can add your parent volunteer sign-up schedule, school calendar and important dates for your classroom.  Shutterfly will send out reminder e-mails about events, minimum days, etc.
Upload monthly newsletters, homework and practice worksheets.
We even have our Letter of the Week Alphafriend pictures on our website with the songs that go along with them. 

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