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Monday, July 27, 2015

Don't Use Power Point . . . use PREZI!

It seems that more and more classrooms are integrating the use of technology to present lessons and teach students. At our school we have been using interactive "smart" boards, document cameras and laptops for a while now. We love that there are so many resources right at our fingertips and we are able to incorporate videos, music, visuals, interactive websites, apps, etc. into our lessons.  

PREZI is a presentation software that is similar to Power Point but much easier to use and visually more "fun" and pleasing to work with.  We use PREZI to help us deliver our lessons seamlessly with all of our music, visuals, videos imbedded. 

Here are some screen shots of a lesson on globes we created with PREZI.  

To find out more about PREZI watch this video and then go to
Educators get a free account with 4GB of storage.

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