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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Getting Ready . . .

Every year we like to try something new to improve our teaching, organization, etc.

This year we are going to make GLUE SPONGES!

It always seems that a few months into the school year, the glue bottles start clogging, the glue sticks are falling apart . . .

Our students collage almost everyday. LOTS of cutting and gluing. Their independent work while we are in groups is book making. We work on a page a day and the books support what we are learning in class. 
Here is an example of our All About Me Book:

So you know why having glue that works is so important to us! This can also be used to glue copy paper for those cut and glue worksheets so it eliminates the need to use glue sticks . . . hooray!


Snap Lid Containers (We found them at The Dollar Tree/1 container per 2 students)
Sponges (Ocelo sponges are the perfect size)
1 School Size Bottle of Glue per container


Watch this video by The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

Who else wants to try?

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