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Monday, March 25, 2013

What's In Your Egg?

We love to push our students to learn more and we are always looking for creative ways to mix the standards with our monthly themes.  We came up with this What's In My Egg? book.  Our students love making it and learning all about oviparous animals.  Is there a better time than Easter to dive into this topic? 

 If you haven't made one of our Theme Books before, it is a great way for students to practice writing sight words, following multi-step directions and strengthening their fine motor skills.  In the end,  they have a wonderful book to take home and read to their family.  You can find our 
What's In My Egg? book by clicking HERE.

A great book to read that goes along with our What's In Your Egg? is....

And a poem that you can find HERE.


(To the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Lots of animals come from eggs
Some with fins
And some with legs.

Some that chatter
And some that cheep
Some that fly
And some that creep

Some that slither
And some that run
Some with feathers
And some with none.

Animal eggs can be quite small
Or just as big as a tennis ball.

They're quite a few
Hatch from eggs
And lay them, too.

-Unknown Author

We also found this fun rhyming game courtesy of obSEUSSed.

For more great ideas that relate to oviparous animals and eggs, head on over to 

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