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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Five Senses Fun!

We are learning about the Five Senses in class right now!
Each day we are introduce a new sense in these steps:

1. Watch a Discovery Video to build background knowledge.

2. Get a little more in-depth with our learning using a Notebook lesson on the SmartBoard.

3. Do an experiment like a "taste test" where the students taste different foods and identify which taste buds they are using.  We love when it's time to give the kids bitter chocolate . . . they think it's going to be sweet but when they taste it they realize that it does not taste as expected! The faces they make are hilarious!

4. Review with a Five Senses Song watching YouTube on the SmartBoard.

 When You Use Your Senses by Harry Kindergarten

 The Five Senses Song by Dr Jean

5. Make the corresponding pages in their My Senses Books during group time.
This book is available at TPT.

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