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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Heart Writing with Techonology

Just came across this great technology blog:
She has some great ideas for Valentine's Day and I especially love her "Heart Writing Fun" ideas to do in the computer lab with our students. 

Both sites allows you to create a heart by typing in words. 

First we would have the kids write down words or sentences that remind them of Valentine's Day: love, my, mine, heart, mom, dad, I Love You! etc. Then the students will take their writing down to the computer lab and type in what they wrote. For this first heart, in order to get a large heart, most of the text box needs to be filled in. After students type in one line of text, just "copy, paste" it over and over again until the text box is full.
Here is an example:
The second site allows you to change the color of font,
 the font, the background color, and use your own 
words to populate a heart. This heart does not have a text box that needs to be filled in like the one in the top. It just repeats over and over again whatever words are typed in.
The kids can actually watch as the words they typed start to fill in the heart!

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