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Friday, October 5, 2012

Secondary Colors Lesson

We learned about Secondary Colors this week . . . using our Primary & Secondary Notebook file for the Smartboard. We started off by reviewing the Primary Colors the students learned about while looking at a painting by Mondrian. Then we explained how the secondary colors are created by mixing the primary colors. We looked at two paintings by Seurat which have mostly secondary colors.
After the lesson I did a quick assessment  by asking the students to draw a picture (anything they like) using all three of the secondary colors.

Here is the Notebook file we used:

The Primary & Secondary Colors Notebook file for the SmartBoard is available for free from our TPT store!

Here are some examples of their work:
Here are four different examples of what the students chose to draw using only secondary colors.

We especially love this one!

This is the rubric that we created using irubric and stapled to the back.

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