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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Penny Piggy Banks

This is a cute idea we found on Pinterest and adapted.
Students brought to school 16oz. empty water bottles. They painted the bottles with a special mixture of hot pink & light pink acrylic paint. The paint was mixed with glue to prevent it from flaking off the plastic bottles. Once the paint was dry, we added clear push pins to the bottom of the bottles to help them stand (add a dab of glue to the pins before you insert them into the bottles). The students cut and added their own ears, tail and eyes.

While the piggies were drying, students counted pennies they brought from home. They put their pennies in groups of five and counted by fives to find out their total amount. This was recorded onto a pink piece of paper by writing the total amount as well as making tally marks to represent the amount. The paper was then rolled up and inserted in the bottle to become the snout of the piggy!

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