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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3D Sculptures Using Home Made Paper Mache

Who knew tearing paper could be so much fun?

Last week the students looked at sculptures created by two artists: Kate Costello and Francois Pompon in preparation of making their own 3D sculptures. The students then tore newsprint, construction paper, toilet paper and napkins to make their own paper pulp. It was a class effort! Once we had enough paper to fill 1/2 of a trash can, it was filled with enough water to cover and left to soak for a week. The water helps to break down the paper and turned everything mushy.

This week the students got to mold the paper pulp into a shape that would eventually become the body of an animal. They had to first squeeze out the excess water, and as they did this it would help to shape and mold the pulp. The pulp was then put onto a small piece of cardboard that the kids had already covered with tissue paper. The "body" was then covered in glue with brushes and tissue paper was layered over the body. Not only will the tissue paper add color to the sculpture, but it will also help to hold everything together.

Paper turning into mush.

Paper pulp with water squeezed out.
Table set up.

Partially finished sculpture.
After everything has dried the students will use construction paper to add details to their animals like wings, fins, trunks, etc. Can't wait to see the finished product!

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