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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teaching Syllables

Students use dot paint to count the number of syllables.

Syllable Center
We have been working really the hard the past 2 weeks on breaking words into syllables.  We started by teaching our students syllable blending.  They would listen to the word parts and blend them together to say the word.  For example, shore, line would become shoreline.  Then we taught them syllable segmentation in which they distinguished the word parts.  The two word parts of shoreline are shore and line.  Last we have been working on syllable deletion.  We would give students a word like shoreline and they would delete the first syllable and tell us the word line.  As a review, we have been using Dr. Jean's song called Clap the Syllables on her Totally Reading CD.  The students really enjoy listening to her sing one, two and three syllable words and clapping along.  We created this fun center where students can see their friends pictures and use dot paint to count the number of syllables in their names.  You can get this syllable center freebie on our website by clicking here.  We also have a syllable homework where the students write the names of the members of their family and count how many syllables are in their names. 

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